An Absurdly Close Look at The Newsroom’s Teaser

The Newsroom returns for its third and final season in November — though HBO is still mum about how many episodes comprise said final outing. How much bloviating are we in for, HBO? Some of us need to prepare ourselves. Until more substantive details emerge, though, we have this teaser for the upcoming season. It’s a photocopier! A very lonely, ominous photocopier making copies of a script that has one line of dialogue on some of its pages, which is neither realistic nor practical, but hey, it’s The Newsroom.

Close inspection of said pages indicates this season will cover some kind of whistleblower story. Let’s take a super-close look, because why not.

Mackenzie says something, but it doesn’t really count until Will says it. Even though she’s right, apparently.

Reese says, “He’s going to be sent to jail,” perhaps about Will?

Who’s maybe going to be in contempt of court?

Maggie says “feel free to fire me ” at some point, which … New York is an at-will state, so, everyone has been free to fire you this whole time, sister. Also, you are grossly incompetent and have no meaningful qualifications! You should have been fired several times over!

Will yells at someone.

And wonders about quitting.

November can’t come soon enough. Or can it?

An Absurdly Close Look at The Newsroom’s Teaser