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People Played Parks and Rec’s Cones of Dunshire in Real Life

A couple of weeks ago, Mayfair Games made good on its promise to Vulture to bring a playable version of Cones of Dunshire, the fictional Parks and Recreation board game created by Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott), to the annual Indianapolis gaming conference GenCon. Only 33 tickets were sold for the charity game — it sold out in six hours — which was played on an oversize carpet version of the board for maximum spectating.

It’s unclear how exactly the two wizards, maverick, arbiter, two warriors, corporal, and ledgerman were all incorporated into real game-play, but it sounds like it sort of worked (you can see some photos of the game here). As Mayfair’s Alex Yeager said in an interview: “We’ve tried to walk a line between something playable, and something still rooted in the crazed imagination of an unemployed geek.”

Here’s a video of “the architect,” aka Adam Scott, introducing the game, complete with an Aziz Ansari cameo:

No word on whether Mayfair Games plans to ever roll out a playable version of the game in stores, or whether the cones are, you know, more of a metaphor.

People Played the Cones of Dunshire in Real Life