vapers gonna vape

Watch a Stoned Sarah Silverman Show Off Her Vape on the Red Carpet

Marijuana’s a hell of a drug. Actor-writer-comedian-heartthrob Sarah Silverman brought a rare moment of unscripted surreality to tonight’s E! red-carpet coverage while obviously in an altered state. Right from the beginning, her interview with talking head Giuliana Rancic had an unusual rhythm: Giuliana made a weird remark that wasn’t exactly a question, which led Sarah to get on her case about it. The conversation turned to Sarah’s boobs, then to an aborted attempt at the mani cam, and, most memorably, a dive into Sarah’s clutch, which revealed her beloved weed vape pen. It all concluded with her lobbing a vague insult at Jimmy Fallon, which he recalled on camera. Vape life, Sarah. Vape life.

Watch a Stoned Sarah Silverman on the Red Carpet