This Is How Far Tom Hardy Will Go to Save a Puppy

Last year, the internet swooned as Tom Hardy filmed a new movie that required him to cavort with an adorable pit bull puppy. They hugged! It was so cute. (It got a little dangerous for a second, as Hardy began to mistake the puppy for something from the craft services table, but the situation was resolved amicably.) Now you can see the fruits of their labors in the new crime drama The Drop (out September 12), where Hardy plays a Brooklyn bartender who gets embroiled in a cash-laundering scheme through his crime-connected cousin, played by James Gandolfini in his final role. When one of those money drops arrives in the unconventional form of an abused pit bull puppy, Hardy must take matters into his own hands, and in this exclusive clip, you’ll see Hardy facing off with the thuggish Matthias Schoenaerts (reunited with director Michaël R. Roskam for the first time since their Oscar-nominated Bullhead), who wants to ransom the adorable little dog for a sizable sum. Don’t get in the way of Tom Hardy and his newfound puppy, okay? That can’t possibly end well.

See How Far Tom Hardy Will Go to Save a Puppy