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Watch the Final Scene of Last Season’s The Walking Dead the Way Rick Grimes Intended It

Last we left Rick Grimes & Co., they were in a boxcar waiting to be eaten by some cannibals who looked like they came to Terminus by way of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. On the plus side, Grimes was finally reunited with the rest (well, most) of his gang, and he told them: “They’re messing with the wrong people.” If this didn’t feel sufficiently dramatic and “big finale speech” enough for you, then your gut was right: It was the censored version. If you’re an avid reader of the comics, you know that Rick should actually drop the f-bomb in the last line. However since The Walking Dead is on basic cable, they have to play by the rules. They allow you to watch people get eaten alive, but not hear them say a bad word.

Watch the clip below.

See The Walking Dead Finale How Rick Intended