emmys 2014

Sofia Vergara Was Treated Like a Human Trophy at the Emmys

One of the most indelible images from last night’s VMA awards was Beyoncé, midway through a show-stopping 16-minute medley, standing alone on stage with the word “FEMINIST” emblazoned in giant letters behind her. It was a bold and empowering feminist tableau — one that was undercut the following evening by this tone-deaf segment from last night’s Emmys, which featured Sofia Vergara being spun around on a pedestal like a a human trophy. Because she’s a woman, get it?

People were, understandably, not so happy about it:

The bizarre segment came shortly after Stephen Colbert’s acceptance speech in which he thanked his writing staff by saying: “I’m so proud of those guys — and one woman. Sorry for that, for some reason.”

Ugh. C’mon, Emmys. We expected better.

Sofia Vergara Was Treated Like a Human Trophy