Sony Is Making Alterations to Seth Rogen’s ‘The Interview’ Before Its Christmas Release

It turns out that North Korea’s missiles and complaints about Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s newest assassination comedy The Interview being “an act of war” that “shows the desperation of the US government and American society” have been taken seriously by Sony, because THR reports today that the film will undergo a bunch of changes prior to its release on December 25th. According to the report, the studio is not only “digitally altering thousands of buttons worn by characters … because they depict the actual hardware worn by the North Korean military” that honor Kim Jong-un and his father Kim Jong-il, but they’re also reconsidering a scene in which Kim Jong-un’s (Randall Park) face graphically melts off in slow motion. A source close to Sony told THR that the move to digitally alter the military buttons was due to “clearance issues” since it involves a living person while the face-melting scene is being reconsidered for potentially not being funny enough, but maybe they’re having second thoughts now that Kim Jong-un said he plans on watching the film either way.

Sony Is Making Alterations to Seth Rogen’s ‘The […]