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Stephen Colbert’s Advice to Young Girls Is Good Advice for Anyone

Every month, Rookie asks a (celebrity) guest to impart some wisdom as part of their video blog “Ask a Grown (Man or Woman),” and this week’s interviewee was Stephen Colbert. Don’t worry: He is not doling advice out to young women in his satirical arch-conservative persona, but more like the cool dad who can “connect” with the youngsters.

“I’m honored to be considered a grown man,” he says before answering four questions ranging from how to deal with misogyny (talk about it) to how to get your dad to let you sleep over at a boy’s house (he’s very pro-dad in that one). His best answer, though, comes when Maria from Mexico City asks, “I would really like to know all the ways in which you can tell when a person likes you — girls, boys, grownups, everyone.” He tells her that someone who likes you is a person who wants to hear your stories, cares how you feel, and wants make your day better. He adds, “One nice definition of love, I think, is one person’s happiness is more important than your own.” Watch below.

Stephen Colbert Gives Dad Advice to Young Girls