The 5 Best New Web Videos/Series You Almost Definitely Haven’t Seen

We did it once. You guys seemed to dig it. So now, we’re doing it again. Ladies and gentleman, Splitsider presents: The 5 Best New Web Videos/Series You Almost Definitely Haven’t Seen, Part II. We clicked through pages and pages of Gmails to distill five of the funniest “This Week In Web Videos” submissions and then we grouped them all together here, in a neat little link we hope you’ll post absolutely everywhere. Enjoy and, again, post it around, please. That’s how this whole thing works.

An Actor Unprepared

Created by and starring Gianmarco  Soresi, An Actor Unprepared successfully achieves the kind of Woody Allen existential panic comedy that so many series strive for and so few grasp. It’s not joke-laden, but it’s rife with situations most entertainers and friends of entertainers will find eminently, painfully relatable.

Getting Big

Getting Big is maybe the best example I’ve seen of unabashed deadpan comedy. If you don’t like that sort of thing, you may want to skip this one as episodes are long and–it seems–improv heavy. If you do like that kind of thing, prepare to settle in for some perfectly out of touch characters and laughter fits so spastic you’re roommate will be worried and upset.

 Charles, by the Way

In Charles, by the Way, Charles Gould and Daniel Hurwitz have built a fantastic container series that could live on for as long as Gould, coffee shops, and uninterested women exist. Good news for us, the viewing public.

 Future Husbands

The boys at BOAT have done it again with their series Future Husbands. Powdered wigs off to Amos Vernon, Mike Lane, Nunzio Randazzo for a first installment so pointed it had me questioning my continued, desperate use of Tinder.  Thanks!

Time Travel Lover

Simple, smart, and original, this short makes me forget that I’m sick of projects involving time travel. A lot of that has to do with pro performances from Stephanie Hunt and Elisha Yaffe who has a real Giamatti in Sideways thing going on here. AND IT’S WORKING.

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The 5 Best New Web Videos/Series You Almost Definitely […]