The Fate of ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Will Be Revealed on September 24th

Last month, Chris Gethard wrote a manifesto on The Chris Gethard Show Tumblr page called “EVOLVE OR DIE: This Summer We Burn Down The Chris Gethard Show, and today he’s written a followup post that assigns a specific date to the fate of his public access show. In the post, Gethard announced that the call in topic for this Wednesday’s show is “Should we keep doing this show?” Gethard will tally up callers’ responses then ultimately decide whether to cancel or continue the show when he returns for the next TCGS episode on September 24th:

I’m going to take all these thoughts and opinions and my feelings regarding the show and I’m gonna go away for a while. I’m gonna get married, then I’m gonna go on a honeymoon, and I’m going to put this show out of my mind as best as possible during that stretch so as to enjoy it all as much as possible.I won’t be emailing or tweeting or thinking about the show in that time.HERE’S THE DEAL AFTER THAT – Tune in on September 24th. That’s the first week I’ll be back in NYC.If there’s a show on, then TCGS continues.If there’s no show on, I decided to hang it up.Simple.

Read the entire post over on Gethard’s blog.

The Fate of ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Will Be Revealed […]