What’s Going On With Elisabeth Moss in This The One I Love Clip?

It’s awfully hard to tell you the plot of The One I Love without spoiling its essential plot twist, but fortunately, this exclusive scene from the new romantic dramedy takes place even before the central characters have figured it out. Certainly, Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) know something is amiss: They’ve arrived at a country house at the behest of their couples therapist (Ted Danson), and suddenly, their humdrum habits seem to disappear with suspicious ease. They’re kinder with each other, as flirty and playful as they were early on in their relationship. And hey, that’s what this time away was meant to solve, anyway … it’s just that they have weirdly different recollections of how their first day at the house went, as you’ll see in this clip. Can you make sense of what they can’t? Put your theories to the test when The One I Love opens in theaters this weekend (or check it out on demand right now).

What’s Going On in This The One I Love Clip?