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We’re Going to Get a Female Superhero Film … in 2017

Black Cat, a contender.

Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff Sinister Six is already scheduled for 2016 — a movie that further expands the Spidey universe, introducing a slew of villains summoned by Dr. Octopus. Those particular villains are TBD, but Deadline reports that after that movie (and before 2018’s Amazing Spider-Man 3), we’re gonna get a female-fronted superhero movie — and she’ll come from the Spider-Man universe, too. Really! Who our leading lady will be is also TBD (we do have a while until 2017), but early guesses have included Silver Sable, Black Cat, Firestar, and, arguably the most exciting prospect: Spider-Woman. See you all in three years.

We’re Going to Get a Female Superhero Film