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Here’s the Trailer for the Most NSFW Movie You’ll Watch All Year

Have you ever seen a movie where the lead character cheerfully describes herself as “a living pussy-hygiene experiment”? No, you haven’t, because there’s never been a movie quite like Wetlands, the insanely outrageous sex comedy that lit up Sundance earlier this year. Based on the novel by Charlotte Roche, this German-language film follows 18-year-old Helen (Carla Juri), who sticks a finger up her ass in the very first scene and spends the next one curiously rubbing her nether regions all over a pee-stained public toilet. “My mother told me it’s really hard to keep a pussy clean,” Helen explains, and after that, who could argue?

Unabashed in her exploratory pursuit of pleasure, Helen engages in several sex romps: one with an anonymous food-stand patron, another with some food itself. (Cucumbers are a decent masturbatory aid, though nothing compares to a carrot). Helen has to put the hookups on hold, however, when she ends up in the hospital after an anal injury incurred from shaving. There she meets a cute male nurse who’s intrigued by her predilection for perversity, and things take a surprisingly sweet turn between the two of them … while still remaining super gross, of course.

Suffice it to say, Wetlands is truly and gleefully out there, and if you thought that raunchy comedies were only for men, Helen’s got a stinky finger to wag at you. You can check the film out September 5 (with theater listings found here), but until then, Vulture’s got the exclusive trailer and poster premiere for you. Prepare yourself and dive in!

Watch the Super-NSFW Trailer for Wetlands