Which Celebrities Are at the Center of the Ice Bucket Challenge?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become the actual Song of Summer. Everyone’s either doing it, complaining about doing it, studying why it’s so effective, or denying its effectiveness. Bottom line: The craze has earned a total of $41 million, says the ALSA, and a lot of that has to do with its trendiness. Trendy not only for all of your high-school Facebook friends, but also among celebrities, who can show they care while also giving us a peek into their world of famous friends. After collecting all of the celebrity ice bucket challenges we could spot across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. and YouTube (pity us, please!) and turning it into a giant web of Who’s Who, we realized that a good chunk of these challenges begin or end with two major personalities: Taylor Swift (who has her cabal of young musicians and models) and Oprah (with her cabal of A-list directors and influencers). Curious who’s connected to who? Here’s what their webs look like.

A few notes on the process: Our definition of “celebrities” did not include professional athletes. “Challenging” means: Accepting another celeb’s challenge directly (and mentioning them by name) or being on the receiving end of a challenge even if not acknowledging the challenger. I also stopped logging as of Thursday morning.

Who’s at the Center of the Ice Bucket Challenge?