Gone Girl Will Show Ben Affleck’s Penis, Says Ben Affleck [Updated]

If, like Matt Damon, you’ve never seen Ben Affleck’s penis, you’ll soon get your chance: Affleck tells MTV News that he’s got a full-frontal nude scene coming up in Gone Girl. “There’s some brief — very brief — nudity,” Affleck says. “The penis is in there.”

Actors almost always overstate the amount of skin they show onscreen, and so for confirmation we turned to Vulture’s Amanda Dobbins, who has seen Gone Girl. She disagrees with Affleck’s assessment:

“I do not remember [seeing Ben Affleck’s penis] and please know that I would remember it. My best guess is that he is talking about the shower scene, which is steamy and obscured and does not count.”

However, Dobbins thinks she saw Affleck’s butt (and not just the one on his chin), and also maybe Neil Patrick Harris’s. It’s hard to say; there was a lot of sex.

UPDATE: Vulture Kyle is Team Penis and remembers seeing the famous member. He would describe it as both a cameo and a sizable role. Who knew the saga of Ben Affleck’s maybe-penis would have as many twists and turns as that of the Gone Girl ending?

Ben Affleck Teases Gone Girl Penis