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The Blackfish Team Is Making a Documentary About New York City’s Rat Problem

The team behind animal-rights documentaries The Cove and Blackfish are turning their attentions to another, less-sympathetic corner of the animal kingdom: New York city’s rat population. At the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday night, the producers announced that they had optioned the rights to Robert Sullivan’s book Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants, which they plan to adapt into a feature-length documentary. “We have been obsessed and terrified by rats living in NYC over the years and when we read Robert Sullivan’s book we couldn’t put it down,” the producers said. ” The movie will shed light on the city’s rat problem, and will reportedly feature city dwellers, exterminators, trash collectors, city officials, scientists, ethnographers, scholars, and historians. No word on whether the filmmakers plan to incorporate any found footage, but there’s plenty to work with.

Blackfish Producers Are Making a Rat Documentary