Check Out ‘The Huffington Psst,’ ‘The Harvard Lampoon’s Answer to ‘Clickhole’

Harvard’s 138-year-old humor publication The Harvard Lampoon has created the ultimate competitor for Clickhole with a new website launched yesterday called The Huffington Psst. The Huffington Post sendup makes the Lampoon’s first all-online parody and is full of fake features, lists, videos, and news reports with great headlines like “Headline Writing A Thankless Job.. These Aren’t Even Fact Checked.. Great Opportunity To Say Something Racist,” “Leaked Clinton Nudes Announce Candidacy,” and “Joint Pain? Try Standing Perfectly Still In A Neutral Position Always,” to name a few.

“The fact that the team at the Harvard Lampoon chose to spend its summer vacation exploring the deepest intricacies of The Huffington Post universe instead of backpacking across Europe speaks volumes about the state of higher education in America,” Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington told Capital New York in a statement. “For us, the big benefit is knowing who to call to keep things running in the event everyone at HuffPost decides to spend next summer backpacking across Europe.”

Check Out ‘The Huffington Psst,’ ‘The Harvard […]