Chris Gethard Wants to Do Standup in Your House This November

Comedian Chris Gethard is experimenting with a new way to develop his material that might involve him performing at your house if you’re up for it. In a new post on his website, Gethard has reached out to fans who live within four hours of his home base of New York City to try to get some new and interesting non-NYC venues to work on his act. From the post:

I really want to have a whole month where I do low key house shows, where I bring comedy to places that maybe don’t have it as readily available as New York, and in environments that can be really intimate for both the audience and for me as a performer.I’ve also been talking to some of my favorite comics in NYC, and there are a whole bunch of experimental oddballs who want in. For each of these shows, my plan is to grab two or three other comics I really like, get in my car, drive somewhere and have us put on a one to two hour show in your house.

There are a couple rules to Gethard’s experiment, including driving distance from New York, a promise you won’t charge others to see the show, and a willingness to let a bunch of fans you don’t know into your home, but it certainly seems like an interesting idea. For more information, head over to Gethard’s website.

Chris Gethard Wants to Do Standup in Your House This […]