toronto film festival 2014

Ethan Hawke Reveals His Deepest Secret in His New Movie

Given how prolific he is onstage and onscreen, you might think that Ethan Hawke has firmly and completely conquered his nerves. Not so, the actor-director reveals in this exclusive clip from his new documentary Seymour: An Introduction (which just debuted to great buzz at the Telluride Film Festival and premieres tomorrow at the Toronto Film Fest), where Hawke confesses that his crippling anxiety has actually gotten worse in recent years. And then he cedes the floor to Seymour Bernstein, the documentary’s subject, a piano prodigy turned teacher who has been counseling Hawke on his anxiety and proved to have an artistic worldview worth chronicling further. When Bernstein adds his own anecdote about stage fright to the mix, you’ll know exactly why Ethan Hawke is so delighted by him.

Ethan Hawke Reveals His Deepest Secret