Finally, the Saturday Night Live Credit Card You’ve Been Waiting For

Considering the amount of commercial tie-ins Saturday Night Live used last season (Remember those Jeep commercials with Cecily Strong and Michael Che? Synergy!), it looks like the show has made the next logical step in brand partnership by teaming up with MasterCard to create the Saturday Night Live MasterCard, the credit card all SNL fans have been clamoring for. News of the new MasterCard surfaced yesterday when SNL’s Twitter account tweeted out a link for their #SNL40 Kickoff Sweepstakes, in which fans can enter to win tickets and airfare to a taping of the show this season.

Fans who bothered to read the fine print might have noticed a second check box underneath the sweepstakes information page that allows a site called Comenity Bank to send news “about the new Saturday Night Live MasterCard and its perks, rewards and other benefits,” which include a “cardholder exclusive SNL™ leather wallet” when you spend $500 or more on the card within 180 days of opening, although be warned – that offer is subject to credit approval, sent within 4-6 weeks after qualification, and “may be replaced with items of similar value.” The card boasts some other benefits and apparently can up your chances for tickets and “exclusive content,” but selling points aside, this has got to be the most cringeworthy corporate thing SNL has ever done. Check out a screen grab of the Saturday Night Live MasterCard information breakdown below, then watch the 2010 sketch “A Message from MasterCard” to feel better about not being able to afford the $500+ cardholder exclusive SNL™ leather wallet.

Finally, the Saturday Night Live Credit Card You’ve […]