Here’s Your Gotham Drinking Game: Donal Logue Edition

Photo: FOX

If you watched last night’s Gotham premiere, you know Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) as Jim Gordon’s sketchy, albeit kind of funny, partner. What do we know about him? “There’s some darkness, but Harvey Bullock is a little bit of a comic foil in this world,” Logue said at last week’s East Coast premiere. “If it’s all just too dark and too cool, you have to have someone who’s like, ‘What’s up, brah?’” Sounds kind of … other-coast-y of him. Whether Harvey is muttering sassy things under his breath or taking a drink or wearing a fedora and sloughing off moral responsibility, his character tics have already been well established. Here’s your Gotham drinking game, Harvey Bullock edition. Keep it bookmarked for next week’s second episode.


One sip if Harvey …

  • … grins at Jim or the camera.
  • … takes one sip of his own drink.
  • … argues with a GCPD officer, detective, or superior.
  • … fakes a chuckle or a belly laugh.
  • … punches someone in the face.
  • … says, “Lemme talk to Fish,” or asks for Fish Mooney.
  • … enters the frame wearing his fedora.
  • … asks a dumb question in the face of danger.
  • … lies to Gordon.
  • … later justifies said lie as a piece of wisdom.
  • … makes a wisecrack after the day has been saved.
  • … compares fighting crime to war.
  • … says something that sounds like it could be a line taken from The Outsiders before a scene cuts.

Two sips if Harvey …

  • … does something shady that a detective shouldn’t do (unless this is Serpico).
  • … saves Jim’s life.

Finish your drink if Harvey…

  • … saves someone else’s life.

If you have suggestions for other rules, sound off in the comments below.

Here’s Your Gotham Drinking Game