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Abbi and Ilana Talk Cereal in This World Premiere of Their Web Series Hack Into Broad City

You know who would love a new WORLD PREMIERE teaser webisode for Broad City’s upcoming second season this morning? People with a sense of humor. Do you know who else would enjoy this WORLD PREMIERE teaser webisode, the first installment in a web series called Hack Into Broad City, alerting us to the Comedy Central show’s January 2015 return? Dr. Jonathan Chase, the character played by Simon MacCorkindale in the glorious eight-episode run of Manimal in 1983. And do you know who else would enjoy this WORLD PREMIERE teaser webisode, in which Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer wake and bake, and then proceed to chat over video about who would love an Epcot Center for cereal? Jerry Seinfeld. Ilana will explain why.

You Will Enjoy This New Broad City Webisode