orange is the new black

Every Relationship on Orange Is the New Black, Visualized

Photo: Ali Goldstein/Netflix

Orange Is the New Black weaves a tangled web. There are the racial-affiliation groups, the significance of which varies greatly for different inmates. There are romantic entanglements. Family obligations. Disagreements from before the parties were incarcerated. Loyalty is basically a currency inside the walls of Litchfield, and violating the social contract is punishable by severe violence — and sometimes by death. So who’s friends with whom? In what direction do the love-vibes flow? Who’s had sex, who’s had issues, and who’s put a hit out on each other? Here’s our handy chart to help you recall all the bonds and beefs between the characters. Warning: This chart contains spoilers up through the end of season two, so peruse only if you’re up-to-date on the show (and already hankering for season three).

  • Mother To
  • Had Sex With
  • Has Crush On
  • Special Bond
  • Best Friends
  • In/Had Relationship With
  • Had Sex Contest
  • Has Beef
  • Resolved Beef
  • Tried To Murder
How Every Character on OITNB Is Connected