How I Met Your Mother Finally Explained ‘The Pineapple Incident’

It was the longest of all of HIMYM’s long-running mysteries: How did that pineapple end up on Ted Mosby’s bedside table in season one’s “The Pineapple Incident”? As a new deleted scene from the show’s last season reveals, like seemingly everything in HIMYM’s later seasons, the solution revolves around the Captain.

Season nine’s “Daisy” saw the show trying to answer as many of its lingering mysteries as possible on a final sprint to the finale. In a climax set at the country home of Kyle MacLachlan’s aristocratic George van Smoot, the gang learned that Lily was pregnant and that van Smoot had ended up with the Boats Boats Boats lady. (Some of those mysteries were more pressing than others.) In an unaired scene, Ted also learned of the Captain’s “old sea captain’s tradition” of leaving a pineapple outside his home (a real thing!) which *dramatic zoom* he also employed at his Manhattan townhouse. For a plot widely regarded as the show’s low point, HIMYM really did love reminding us of the Zoey era, didn’t it?

HIMYM Finally Explained ‘The Pineapple Incident’