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Jeff Goldblum Explains That Jurassic Park Wedding Photo

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

When we first saw Jeff Goldblum star in a Jurassic Park–inspired wedding photo (by photographer Adam Biesenthal), we assumed that the practice, like cloning dinosaurs from DNA found in prehistoric mosquitos, was a brand-new invention. Not so! As Goldblum told Vulture when we ran into him at GQ’s September issue party on Tuesday night, the T. Rex wedding-crashing trend has a long history in what he calls “the wedding continuum.”

Photo: Adam Biesenthal Photography

“Apparently it’s kind of a thing to set up a shot where people act like they are being chased, and the dinosaurs are Photoshopped in later,” he explained. “I might be wrong. I mean, I’ve never seen it, but that’s what I’m told. So, everyone was like, ask him, see if he’ll do the photo. And I was like, sure. As for his own upcoming nuptials, Goldblum hopes that they will be T. Rex-free: “I wouldn’t be unhappy to find out that no dinosaurs are involved.”

Jeff Goldblum Explains That T. Rex Wedding Photo