See the New Batmobile and the New Millennium Falcon

When J.J. Abrams and Zack Snyder signed on for the latest installments of the Star Wars and Batman franchises, respectively, they didn’t just inherit billion-dollar brands. They also inherited the Millennium Falcon and the Batmobile. Now, thanks to some leakers and a British guy who accidentally flew over the Star Wars set, we’ve got brand-new glimpses of the toys.

Here’s the reborn Falcon, courtesy of an English flying instructor who located the Episode VII set at the former RAF base Greenham Common. It looks … pretty much like the Millennium Falcon. (The left half of the spaceship, we assume, will be filled in with lens flares.)

To avoid his own leaks, Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder took marketing into his own hands, releasing another preview image of the Batmobile on his Twitter account. The full view is more Nolan-y than Nolan — any Tim Burton influences we might have detected earlier seem to have disappeared completely.

Think of this post as a preview of what the toy aisles of the future will look like.

Here’s the New Batmobile and Millennium Falcon