Here Is Your GIF Recap of Last Night’s 3 ShondaLand Premieres

Three straight hours of ShondaLand TV happened last night, an unprecedented event for those of us who love to gasp and tweet and watch TV. Whether you tuned in for the whole thing or dipped in here and there, we’ve put together a quick GIF recap of the block for you.

Grey’s Anatomy
Stuff happened and there was lots of hugging.

But not before Derek was reminded of why he wouldn’t necessarily want to leave Seattle Grace Hospital:

So he said he would stay …

But Meredith was like:

And then hugged another man. Scandal! (Just kidding, that’s the next show.)


So you were wondering where in the world Olivia Pope was? There she is!

Oh, hello there.

This is a beautiful shot. Ships passing in the hallway. Pinky finger reaching out. A white suit and a black suit worn by a black woman and a white man.

Oh, no, Mellie’s lost it.

This is why she’s lost it.

Who’s back? I’m back.

How to Get Away With Murder
Turns out, here’s how you get away with murder.

This face:

This face:

This face:

One of these:


Here Is a GIF Recap of the ShondaLand Premieres