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20 People to Follow on Twitter Before Tonight’s Scandal Premiere

Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC

Happy #ScandalThursday, gladiators. We hope you properly rested your thumbs this summer, because some serious live-tweeting is about to go down. Everyone knows that Scandal is “the show that Twitter built” and that starting around 8:50 tonight your friends will be flooding your feed with “EARN ME,” “#Olitz,” and other exclamatory quips. But with all the crazies screaming their erotic D.C. fan fiction into the Twitterverse, how do you find the folks actually worth following? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the essential cast, crew, writers, and recappers who are on Twitter and will be joining the fray. Oh, and Retta, who will hopefully be gracing us with gems like these. Be sure to follow #AskScandal to watch the cast tweet along live, because as Jeff Perry said this morning, the cast will be “tweeting [their] collective bottoms OFF.” Read our list below, or find the complete lineup on Twitter.




20 People to Follow on Twitter Before Scandal