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Animator David Silverman on 8 Early and Previously Unseen Simpsons Sketches

Photo: Courtesy of David Silverman

Animator David Silverman has been with The Simpsons since the beginning — literally: He directed the first episode of the series, as well as subsequent classics “The Way We Was,” “Krusty Gets Kancelled,” and “Homie the Clown,” not to mention The Simpsons Movie and the Academy Award–nominated short The Longest Daycare. FXX’s recent marathon and upcoming “Simpsons World” experience in the FXNOW app has reignited an interest in the show’s earliest days, so Vulture asked Silverman to share the stories behind some previously unreleased sketches and storyboards from his personal collection. Twenty-seven years later, the characters look virtually the same as they did then, an impressive feat when you consider their animation motto at the time was “done equals good.” Click through to see eight early prototypes and to read Silverman’s stories behind each of them.

David Silverman on 8 Early Simpsons Sketches