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The Simpsons: You Need to Watch Last Night’s Strange, Dark, Brilliant Couch Gag

Going into last night’s Simpsons, all the buzz was about who was going to die, but coming out of it, everyone is talking about the totally and completely insane couch gag. The show has been experimenting with turning the gag over to noteworthy animators more and more recently, and this might be the best one yet. It is at minimum the strangest. Done by the acclaimed and influential American animator Don Hertzfeldt, the short shows what The Simpsons will be like in the distant future. The result is something incredibly surreal, abstract, and dark, yet still feels like the same show tonally. Watch below and start saving to afford some Sampsans-brand mating gel.

The Simpsons: Last Night’s Super Weird Couch Gag