Sleepy Hollow Season 2: Where the Show Left Off and Where We Hope It’s Headed

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Sleepy Hollow fans will be watching Fox tonight when their favorite sci-fi/pseudo-historical/detective-buddy/bonkers drama finally returns for its second season. But just in case you’re still scratching your head over last season’s truly bananas finale, here’s a rundown of where the major characters stand.

Ichabod Crane
Where we left him: Let’s work backwards from the last place we saw Crane, which was in a wooden box, bound by vines, buried alive by the now-grown-and-evil son he only recently learned existed. He rescued his wife Katrina from purgatory, but now she’s been captured by one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In order to transport Katrina to the modern-day world, he left his crime-fighting buddy Abbie behind with a promise to free her from purgatory later, but he’s got no exit strategy for that plan so far. (At least, not one that doesn’t entail sending Katrina back there.) For the uninitiated, all of this is why Sleepyheads went berserk after last season’s finale.
Where we hope he’s headed: Ooh, boy. Crane’s got some things on his plate. He needs to escape from being buried alive, rescue not one but two female partners, and somehow prevent the apocalypse. Once those tasks are crossed off the to-do list, there’s the matter of his vengeful offspring and his untenable love triangle. And all while his flip phone remains un-upgraded! As for fans’ heavy ‘shipping for #TeamIchAbbie, Crane better live up to his word that he chooses to “forge [his] fate” with his one and only Leftenant

Lt. Abbie Mills
Where we left her: In purgatory as a placeholder for Katrina, since the limbo world apparently has a one-out-one-in policy. But Abbie also wants to be there because she’s got unfinished business with Moloch, stemming back from when she and her sister Jenny encountered him in the woods as children. The last we see Abbie, she’s lingering inside a dollhouselike dwelling where she gets to hang out with her younger, schoolgirl self; it’s probably the most content she’s been all season.
Where we hope she’s headed: Off to slay Moloch, back to the real world, out to kill various evil horsemen, into Crane’s hunky svelte arms — take your pick!

Capt. Frank Irving 
Where we left him: In the most heart-jerking moment of the season-one finale, Irving covered for his daughter Macey by falsely confessing to the murder of the police officer and priest who’d been tasked with protecting/exorcising her. 
Where we hope he’s headed: Once again, it’s stupefying to ponder how this pickle’s gonna get undone. (Maybe Irving’s former wife Cynthia can somehow put the “ex” in deus ex machina?) In the meantime, it’d be great to see Irving stripped of his badge and sprung on bail, then spend the rest of the season as a rogue sleuth. 

Henry Parrish 
Where we left him: The man formerly known as “the Sin Eater” (because he was recruited by Crane and Abbie to literally sop up and chow down on the bad blood of the Headless Horseman) revealed himself in the season finale to actually be… Crane and Katrina’s long-lost son! And man, has he got abandonment issues–and also identity issues, because now Henry/the Sin Eater is a.k.a. Jeremy (the name Katrina gave him), a.k.a. the Horseman of War. After being buried alive by members of Katrina’s coven, he was unearthed 13 years ago by Moloch (hence his hidden evil side). At the very end of the finale, Henry/Jeremy buries Crane alive in a wooden casket. (“From you, Dad! I learned it from watching you!”)
Where we hope he’s headed: Henry’s switcheroo from soft-spoken do-gooder to out-and-out evil dude wasn’t entirely surprising, if only because Parrish the good guy always felt a little off. Having said that, what Jeremy will do in the second season really isn’t as important (or guess-able) as what he’ll be: a huge foil for our protagonists and a mortal embodiment of the show’s evil forces.

Jenny Mills 
Where we left her: While off snooping on her own, Jenny discovered before anyone else that Harry Parrish wasn’t who he said he was. Then she got ambushed by the Headless Horseman and crashed her car.
Where we hope she’s headed: Jenny was season one’s Most Improved Player for the way she matured from petulant asylum inmate to all-around ass-kicker. She’ll survive her car crash and hopefully get a bunch more screen time this season.

Katrina Crane 
Where we left her: In the real world finally, after spending the first season trapped in Purgatory. Galloping off into the sunset atop a noble steed — except it’s the Horseman of Death’s noble steed and he’s pretty much kidnapped her. 
Where we hope she’s headed: “Off the show” is an answer it seems many Sleepy fans are crossing their fingers for. But now that Katrina’s back on this mortal coil, she’ll hopefully be able to make use of her supernatural powers, which were rendered useless in Purgatory. How cool would it be to witness a mother-and-son magic-off?

Macey Irving 
Where we left her: Pulled a Linda Blair and made a priest’s head do a 180.
Where we hope she’s headed: Macey could use a friend right about now, and she and Jenny proved their instant rapport earlier in the season. Plus, Jenny knows what it’s like to battle inner demons — literally and figuratively, ha-ha! — so let’s root for an unlikely friendship to take root between the two.

Det. Luke Morales
Where we left him: Um, somebody injured him but didn’t kill him, isn’t that right? Some rando outside Macey’s exorcism cabin who was temporarily possessed? And then Morales was sent to the hospital or something? Seriously, who cares?
Where we hope he’s headed: The writers never could seem to figure out why Morales was around last season. If they want to wow the show’s fans with a second season full of surprises, bringing him back would definitely count as a shocker.

Andy Brooks 
Where we left him: Dead again! After first being killed in the pilot, poor Neckskin’s re-murdered inside George Washington’s tomb. He shows up during the first part of the finale looking like some kind of alien larvae and begs Abbie to “release” him from his netherworld misery. She obliges and shoots him right between the eyes.
Where we hope he’s headed: Back to Sleepy Hollow as soon as John Cho’s new sitcom, Seflie, gets canceled.

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