11 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Might Be Holding a Bunch of Red Balloons in the Middle of New York City

Swiftian. Photo: Tim Grant/Splashnews

Alongside a photo of Taylor Swift standing on a New York City sidewalk holding a bunch of red balloons, Us Weekly included the caption, “Taylor Swift carried 12 red balloons for some reason while walking through NYC.” For some reason? Well, we’re sure she had a good one. Maybe it was one of these?

11. Some not-so-subtle shade to Katy Perry’s failed Song of Summer entry, “Birthday.” (Thank you, Dan D’Addario.)

10. Her next music video is an almost-shot-for-shot remake of The Red Balloon.

9. She’s on her way to a birthday party, and she will not be overshadowed.

8. Because inflaters gonna flate-flate-flate-flate-flate.

7. Peer pressure.

6. Up.

5. Because she just saw this viral video and was super into it.

4. It’s an homage to the red balloon emoji.

3. She’s emulating this Sex and the City promo video? Taylor just moved to NYC, and while she’s more of a Shoshanna, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t also relate to, hmm, Charlotte.

2. It’s a rumored Target commercial. (Her last album, Red, also jived with Target’s trademarked target.)

1. Attention.

Taylor Swift and the Case of the Red Balloons