‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Returned to Public Access Last Night

A little over a month ago, Chris Gethard took a break from hosting his weekly public access show The Chris Gethard Show and announced that its fate would be decided on September 24th. Thankfully for TCGS fans, the show returned to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network last night, and Gethard wrote an update on his blog explaining why he decided to continue with it and what his plans are going forward:

The show is going to be different. It’s going to be rocky. We’re going to rebuild it from this perspective – when we started at UCB, I was a twenty-nine year old kid who slept in a human sized dog bed. When we switched to public access, I was a thirty-one year old guy who was starting to take the reins of his own fate into his hands, who was tired of feeling like a loser and wanted to take pride in who he was. Now, I’m a thirty-four year old man who isn’t as angry as I used to be, who is building a good foundation for his life, and who still likes finding and supporting the weirdos out there, and who likes orchestrating stuff that lives outside the mainstream. I want to see what that guy’s tv show looks like.

Read the rest of Gethard’s update over at his blog.

‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Returned to Public Access […]