The ‘Simpsons’ Marathon Increased FXX’s Average Audience by 500%

FXX’s wildly successful Simpsons marathon ended on Monday night, and now that the ratings for all 12 days have come in, the once-fledgling network can officially call itself 500% more popular. Bill Carter at The New York Times broke down the complete marathon ratings, which averaged 1.32 million viewers during prime time (up 500% from its previous average of 206,000) and upped FXX’s rank among cable networks in the 18-49 demo from 49th to third, which is especially notable considering that FXX is only available in 74 million homes. Between the success of the nonstop episodes and live updates from writers, producers, and the @EverySimpsons Twitter account, FXX severely underestimated the numbers the marathon would bring in; FXX’s president of sales said that “to say the advertisers are euphoric about these results would be the understatement of a lifetime.” Hopefully FXX will be able to hang on to some of those numbers – their post-marathon schedule includes 24 hours of The Simpsons every week, so that should certainly help.

The ‘Simpsons’ Marathon Increased FXX’s Average […]