This Week in Comedy: ‘SNL’ Gets a New Weekend Update Anchor and Its First Hosts

-Michael Che and Colin Jost will anchor SNL’s Weekend Update next season.

-SNL’s first hosts of season 40 will be Chris Pratt and Sarah Silverman.

-Aziz Ansari shared what it’s like to sell out Madison Square Garden and the business side of comedy.

-Nick Rutherford, Natasha Rothwell, Streeter Seidell, and Jeremy Beiler all joined SNL’s writing staff.

-We recommended five great Australian podcasts to add to your listening catalogues.

-We took one last look at Comedy Central’s weird and hard to categorize one-season shows.

-Live From New York was updated and shows the impact of SNL for the last 12 years.

-Sketch Anatomy asked TV writer/director Jason Woliner about the origins of the Human Giant sketch “Shutterbugs.”

-Adam Devine talked New Orleans, Workaholics and the new season of Adam Devine’s House Party.

-We had a look at Puck Magazine’s influence on modern political cartooning.

-This week’s Second City archives had Aidy Bryant in 2012 performing Dolly Mae Daniels featuring her all ex-husbands band.

-Saturday Night’s Children highlighted the talents of four SNL players who flew under the radar during their stints on the show.

-This Week in Comedy Podcasts had some notable and exceptional podcasts to add to your listening library and Rob Corddry’s You Made it Weird was at the top of the list.

-The Paley Center for Media had archived footage of Joan Rivers talking with fellow comedian Alan King on Inside the Comedy Mind.

-We discussed why Chris Rock’s 1991 debut standup album is as relevant today as ever.

-CBS officially named James Corden the next Late Late Show host.

-Netflix will premiere Wyatt Cenac’s new special Brooklyn on October 21st.

-Good Neighbor’s joins SNL’s writing staff.

-Neil Patrick Harris can’t drink Heineken light in commercial.

-This Week in Web Videos had Why Starbucks Spells Your name Wrong and more.

-Robert Dean, Jena Friedman, Lucas Connolly, and Russ Gutin are swinging by our Dog and Pony Show.

And here are your top five web videos of the week:

The Bilderbergers: The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People: Sports

The Onion: Child Development Experts Say Boys Not Fully Mature Until Avenging Father’s Murder

Funny or Die: Black Teen Public Relations

CollegeHumor: The Epic Bacon Boys: Internet Popularity Consultants

LASH: Now We’re Cookin’! How to Make a Ham Sandwich

This Week in Comedy: ‘SNL’ Gets a New Weekend Update […]