Watch Jim Gaffigan, Tony Hale, Jack McBrayer, and Ellie Kemper in ‘The Nobodies’

This week, UCB alums Dusty Brown and Greg Bratman released their new short “The Nobodies,” which features the musical comedy duo alongside stars like Jim Gaffigan, Tony Hale, Jack McBrayer, Ellie Kemper, and Tony winner Sutton Foster. According to Indiewire, the short evolved from Brown and Bratman’s longtime UCB show The Barrel Brothers, which won Best Emerging Comedy Duo back in 2004. Brown and Bratman raised funds via Kickstarter last year to make “The Nobodies,” which centers on Greg and Dusty as they “have to make a fantastical journey through their own identity crises. Neither one of these protagonists has a solid foundation when it comes to his approach to relationships, career, or friendship. They have both slipped through the cracks – and find themselves as lonely outcasts, as ‘nobodies’ that are surrounded by a lot of ‘somebodies.’” The result is both heartbreaking and sweetly funny; check out the full short above.

Watch Jim Gaffigan, Tony Hale, Jack McBrayer, and […]