Watch Matt Zoller Seitz’s Video Essay on All That Jazz

The Criterion Blu-ray edition of Bob Fosse’s iconic 1979 showbiz drama All That Jazz hit shelves recently, but for diehard fans, there’s even more Fosse-related goodness that didn’t make it onto the disc. Over on, Vulture’s Matt Zoller Seitz writes about how his video essay about the editing of the film was cut by Criterion over concerns about rights clearances. Though a legal challenge was unlikely, Seitz says the video was axed because “if one did happen, and if Criterion either went to court and lost or decided to fold before it came to that, they’d have to physically recall all the discs and reprint them with a reedited version of my piece (or without the piece). And that would be very expensive.” Thanks to the power of the internet, you can watch “Fosse Time” in full right here.

Watch Seitz’s Video Essay on All That Jazz