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This Reporter Mistakenly Thought Kristen Wiig Went ‘Full-Frontal’ in The Skeleton Twins

Denver morning reporter Chris Parente had a tough day at the office. We get it: You didn’t see the movie, and your PA gave you some shoddy intel that led you to believe that Kristen Wiig does full-frontal scenes. Parente mistakenly asks her, “Do you have advice for going nude?” and Bill Hader corrects him that no, in fact, that’s another movie (Welcome to Me: Thanks, Google!). The actual movie that they were doing press for is The Skeleton Twins, which stars Hader as a suicidal gay man and Wiig as his depressive, estranged sister, who does not get naked. The pair takes all of this perfectly in stride, though, and it becomes an opportunity for them to riff on all the things that the movie is not.

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