wendy eats crow

Wendy Williams Lost a Bet, Literally Ate Crow

Photo: Doss Leger/Twitter

When Wendy Williams found out that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were engaged, she said she’d “eat crow” if they ever got married. That’s actually a figure of speech, but Wendy meant it (or just wanted that extra-delicious promo), so for the premiere of her sixth season, she decided to literally eat a crow.

#WendyEatsCrow in 15 minutes. pic.twitter.com/geTKKPbF1p

— Wendy Williams (@WendyWilliams) September 15, 2014

But this wasn’t just some causal crow-eating. Wendy had a chef come in and cook her crow gumbo — which actually looked mostly delicious. Wendy still hammed it up, though. Well, she crowed it up. (At least she didn’t eat her shoe — props to Werner Herzog.)

Haa! Her facial expression. @WendyWilliams #WendyEatsCrow. She was chewing for about an hour. Tough meat. pic.twitter.com/d3hdNlg2lt

— aka Rod Orlando (@I_AM_HOTROD) September 15, 2014

@WendyWilliams ate that crow tho pic.twitter.com/Hc3XrgQWtg

— Zach S (@YeahImFamous) September 15, 2014
Wendy Williams Lost a Bet, Literally Ate Crow