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Where Would Liam Neeson Hide a Body?

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 17: Actor Liam Neeson attends the Universal Pictures and Cross Creek Pictures with The Cinema Society screening of
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Liam Neeson’s “very specific set of skills” usually finds him killing bad guys, drug dealers, and anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. But in his latest film, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Neeson’s working with drug dealers to keep the body count low. So Vulture caught up with the cast and fellow celebrities at the screening of Universal Pictures’ A Walk Among the Tombstones hosted by the Cinema Society, and asked them: If they had to hide a body, where would they dispose it? Their answers:

Liam Neeson
“I’ve never been asked something like that. I guess dismemberment might be the way to go? And then get rid of the individual pieces, which would be easier, I think. I’ll still be thinking about that tonight, for sure … [while backing away].”

David Harbour
“That’s such a good question. I need this answer immediately because I have one back at my apartment that I have to get rid of, so let me know other peoples’ answers so I can use them.”

Paul Sorvino
“Put it in the trunk! You take a nice, big Cadillac trunk or something and put it in there! I judge a car by how many bodies it’ll hold in the trunk.”

Adam David Thompson
“Isn’t the East River the place to do it? Because what ever comes out of there that’s ever any good, you know? There are, like, four-eyed fish swimming around. So I feel like that’s where I would do it.”

Vincent Pastore
“If I was going to get rid of a body? Staten Island! I’d chop him up and put ‘em in the marsh.”

Carla Gugino
“I can’t even go there in my brain! I’m so creeped out that I literally can’t even. I mean, honestly … I need a martini. Immediately.”

Maggie Grace
“Where would I put it? [Cringing] I guess the same place I’d put my belief in the sanctity of human life?”

Seth Meyers
“I’d try to dispose of it in my college dorm room. And I wouldn’t even have to do anything, I’d just sit it there, and no one would ever know from the smell. My memory of my college dorm room is that it already smelled like a body decomposing, so I feel like I have the perfect cover.”

Danny DeVito and his daughter Lucy
Lucy: “In the kitty litter! It smells so bad anyway …”
Danny: “I don’t like to dwell on things like that myself. But I would say, like in Lucy’s show [on Hulu], it deals with ghosts a lot. So there are ghosts, and you don’t want to be doing that because they’ll haunt you.”

Dan Stevens
“In a movie premiere. Just right in a seat. As long as it bought a ticket, I wouldn’t mind.” 

Mark Consuelos
“Where would I hide a body? A library.”
Because no one goes there?

Carson Kressley
“I would send it to the impound lot where the DMV takes your car. Because I still have cars that I’m still looking for — it’s impossible to find anything over there anyway.”

Where Would Liam Neeson Hide a Body?