The Alien From the Alien Movies Is Gone Forever, Says Ridley Scott

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

In an interview with Yahoo U.K., director Ridley Scott revealed the Xenomorph was “done. Cooked.” You know the Xenomorph: It’s the alien from the Alien movies who’s always snarling with a real wet mouth and looks like it’s wearing one of those long cycling helmets. Scott explained the decision: “I got lucky meeting [recently deceased designer H.R.] Giger all those years ago. It’s very hard to repeat that.” He adds, “After four [he ignores the Alien vs. Predator movies], I think it wears out a little bit. There’s only so much snarling you can do.” Moving forward with the Prometheus sequel that is currently being written, Scott wants to “come back with something more interesting.” He cites the Engineers from Prometheus — those pale-blue guys — as “a good start.” But who can look toward the future at a time like this? Below is a video of every Xenomorph scene from Alien. Below that is a video for the song “I Will Remember You.” You know what to do.

The Xenomorph Is Gone Forever, Says Ridley Scott