A Rival Public Access Producer Almost Started a Brawl on ‘The Chris Gethard Show’

Last night’s Chris Gethard Show started out with an innocent concept: Bring 200 kazoos to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network studio and see what happens. Things took an unexpected turn when Gethard called out an MNN producer (he called himself only “Smith”) who was brooding nearby during the taping, which ultimately turned into an ugly confrontation over why Smith, and allegedly other MNN members, can’t stand TCGS: “You’re using a public platform to further your own narcissism.” It gets more and more awkward with each dig Smith makes at TCGS – which he calls “an ad for unemployment” and “the Party City show” – but the whole thing devolves into chaos at the end when Smith trips over a seated audience member and snaps.

UPDATE: Turns out this was a very Kaufman-esque stunt pulled by comedian Brett Davis – and a very well played one at that. Can we ever trust the new and improved TCGS again? As long as they keep pulling off hilariously bizarre moments like the one above, it’s all good.

A Rival Public Access Producer Almost Started a Brawl […]