Aidy Bryant on ‘SNL’ Reviews: ‘We’re Definitely Aware of It’

“I mean we’re definitely aware of it. We hear things. Some of us read more and some of us don’t. One of the things we talk about a lot within the cast is how much the show now is broken down into three-minute chunks and dissected. I don’t think that happened in the ‘90s and the ‘80s and I wonder if there’s a purity to that that I envy sometimes. I think that if you went to go see a stand-up show or a sketch show live, you’d take it for what it is and just enjoy it … But it’s become such a math problem of ‘who has the most to do this week,’ or ‘who had the most screentime?’”

- Aidy Bryant shares her thoughts on the rise of SNL reviews in a new interview with The Daily Beast. Sorry, Aidy.

Aidy Bryant on ‘SNL’ Reviews: ‘We’re Definitely Aware […]