10 Best New Songs of the Week

Every week, members of the Vulture staff will highlight their favorite new songs. They might be loud, quiet, long, short, dance-y, rawkin’, hip, square, rap, punk, jazz, some sort of jazz-punk-rap fusion — whatever works for the given person in that given week. Read our picks below and please tell us yours in the comments. (Also, read music critic Lindsay Zoladz’s review of Jessie J’s new album Sweet Talker.)

Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne, “Real Love
If I had my way, 2014’s Song of Summer would’ve been Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be,” which zoomed up the British charts before making its way here — a bit too late to stomp out the infectious “Fancy.” Oh, well! They’ll get ‘em next time, literally, with this follow up to “Rather Be,” which also features Jess Glynne and is also a banger. —Lindsey Weber (@LindseyWeber)

Ex Cops, “White Noise”
There’s a lot going on here: There are parts that sound like Taylor Swift, parts that sound like a Japanese anime theme-song, parts that sound like Garbage (the band, not literal garbage), and parts that sound like an EDM song post-drop. Yet it works. Sometimes, regardless of the genre, all you need is a singer ready, willing, and able to belt one out.  —Jesse David Fox (@JesseDavidFox)

Foxygen, “Star Power III: What Are We Good For”
You don’t have to listen to all four parts of “Star Power” on Foxygen’s new double album to access the pleasures of the groovy “What Are We Good For,” but it helps. After the majesty of part one (“Overture”) and the shambolic part two (“Star Power Nite”), part three arrives like a burst of glam-rock sunshine. But even on shuffle, you can enjoy the group sing-along, rollicking sax solo, and unironic cowbell — pure summer camp, in both meanings of the phrase. —Nate Jones (@kn8)

Kele, “Stay the Night”
When they first came out, Bloc Party was praised for their energetic updating of New Wave and post-punk, but I was always a sucker for their ballads. (I remember trying and failing to convince a college ex to make “Blue Light” our song.) So it makes sense that my favorite song off Trick, by the band’s lead singer, is the album’s only real ballad. The man has such a tender voice. —JDF

Mark McGuire, “Noctilucence”
Ready for some super-interesting behind-the-scenes Vulture info: This is what I listen to while working. Not this song, specifically, but Mark McGuire. (No, he’s not famed baseball player Mark McGwire, as McGwire’s totally normal, ethically produced muscles would shatter a guitar upon attempting a bar chord.) McGuire usually makes pretty, ethereal, yet upbeat guitar music that is perfect for background listening. Here, on the stunning 12-minute title track off his upcoming EP, McGuire pushes his electronic experimentations even further to create something wholly unique for me to listen to with only a portion of my brain. —JDF

Pix, “A Way to Say Goodbye”
Imagine you were at a concert in the ‘90s put on by some college radio station, and you tapped the guy beside you wearing a Built to Spill T-shirt and said, “I come from the future, and in 20 years, there will be as many indie bands that sound like Sade as there will be ones that sound like Pavement.” The future is now. This song is chill as hell! —JDF

SBTRKT featuring Sampha, “If It Happens”
SBTRKT’s new album features a bunch of people: Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, the much-buzzed-about Raury, Jessie Ware, and Sampha. Better known for being a Friend of Drake (see: “The Motion”), Sampha’s gorgeous voice is everywhere on SBTRKT’s Wonder Where We Land, so really, just take your pick. —LW

Shura, “Indecision”
Shura has only put out three singles so far, and they have all been perfect. Shura’s voice bleeds emotion, and her retro sound paired with wonderful lyrics makes you want to dance your way through your relationship issues. —Marcus Jones (@MJinMD)

Vince Staples, “Feelin’ the Love”
We missed Vince Staples’s terrific EP, Hell Can Wait, when it came out last week, but we’re here to rectify the situation. In August, we featured Staples in this column with the release of his hard-as-hell “Blue Suede.” There is some similar darkness on the rest of the EP, but there are also moments of hope, like “Feelin’ The Love.” It is an amazing piece of music, with Staples skillfully rapping over shifting beats. Better get used to that love, VS. —JDF

Jessie Ware, “Champagne Kisses”
We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the new Jessie Ware album in the U.S. — until October 21, to be exact. But if you’re lucky enough to have friends across the pond (or just a good handle on the internet), you might’ve already heard a few of the tracks off Tough Love. Take, for example, “Champagne Kisses,” the silliest-sounding title we can think of for a song as luscious and romantic as that one is. Hmm, maybe this track is appropriately named. —LW

Jessie Ware - Champagne Kisses

We Were Promised Jetpacks, “Peaks and Troughs”
I always like We Were Promised Jetpacks because they sound like a louder Frightened Rabbit. I guess I just like the sound of Scottish singers. This is my favorite song from their new album, Unraveling, which comes out today. Listen below while I start working on my Braveheart musical.  —JDF

10 Best New Songs of the Week