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Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer Share Their Gross Sex Lists

During the Q&A at the Broad City panel at New York Comic Con Friday night, one fan asked the creators, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, who would be on their personal “gross fuck lists.” She was referring, of course, to the final scene of last season’s finale, when Abbi and Ilana compare notes on who would be on their lists (OJ Simpson for Abbi, David Blaine and the old dancing Six Flags guy for Ilana). So what about their real-life gross fuck lists? Turns out they were just talking about it the other day!

Ilana: You just came up with a really good one the other day.

Abbi: Oh yeah, but I feel bad … I feel bad saying that about anyone. So yeah I said … Denis Leary. He’s kind of hot, but in a villain-y way.

Ilana: Same thing as Willem Dafoe. I think I’d have sex with him. They’re also fine, so it’s like okay. Also, older men, they’re scary. It’s two separate things the gross and the …

Abbi: The guys on that list that we said on the show are not on my real one. OJ’s not …

Nicole Drespel (moderator): Do you have one, Ilana?

Ilana: I don’t know …

Nicole: Will you tweet it if you think of it later?

Ilana: You know I actually consider, I think she’s beautiful, but I consider Kim Kardashian a gross fuck.

Nicole Drespel, the moderator (who also plays Ilana’s much-aggrieved coworker at Deals Deals Deals), also asked them who would be on their dream-guest-stars list — dead or alive. Glazer picked Lucille Ball and, just for kicks, Clive Owen. As for Jacobson? She prefers the age bracket of “sixtysomethings who move from indie to drama features” like Richard Jenkins and Frances McDormand. Oh, and add Idris Elba to the list because he’s hot (duh).

At the end of the panel, they took this photo:

Broad City Women Share Gross Sex Lists