turn out for what

Celebrities Encourage You to Vote With ‘Turn Out for What’

Dare I say this is the most clever “come on, we’re famous, let’s try to get people to vote” campaign since Diddy’s 2004 Vote or Die? (Vote or Die returned in 2008 but wasn’t nearly as pervasive as the first go-around.) “Turn Out for What,” a play on Lil Jon’s summertime anthem “Turn Down for What,” is not bad at all. In fact, it already got a bunch of famous people to the (fake) polls. What are they turning out for? Lena Dunham, a.k.a. Lil Lena, is turning out for reproductive rights; Devendra Banhart is here for deforestation; Natasha Lyonne is for prison reform; and Lil Jon himself is supporting the legalization of marijuana. Then they dance. Good job!

Celebs Tell You to Vote With ‘Turn Out for What’