What Might an All-Female Ghostbusters Look Like?

Details are still scant, but that doesn’t mean we can’t already start dreaming about what an “all-female Ghostbusters might actually look like. Who would our dream cast be? Who could we see strapping on those Proton packs and stepping up to the plate? Because we tend to take things as far as we possibly can, we’ve put together a few mock-ups of some Ghostbusters dream casting for you to properly judge with. Who would you want to call?

Why change a perfectly good thing? We all loved Bridesmaids. Go with the Bridebusters:

Or a crew of television’s most beloved?

How about a slew of Hollywood’s most-wanted up-and-comers?

And finally, as Lindsey so smartly suggested, the Reesebusters:

What Might an All-Female Ghostbusters Look Like?