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George Clooney Hits New York Comic Con to Unveil More Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland, the Disney movie set to debut on May 22, 2015, ruled the opening afternoon of New York Comic Con. Starring George Clooney and directed and co-written by Brad Bird, the potential blockbuster has been mostly kept under wraps for the past year — and then, all at once, we’re getting a relative flood of information. Earlier today, we got the film’s first teaser trailer, which has already spread across the internet. And now those on hand at NYCC were treated to a Clooney-heavy clip, introduced by the newlywed himself, fresh off his honeymoon.

The new clip begins with Casey, the young woman from the teaser trailer who is played by Britt Robertson, walking up to a house in the middle of nowhere. She knocks on the door of the house, which is owned by Walker (Clooney), and flashes her Tomorrowland pin, only to be promptly knocked off the front porch and left out for what seems like hours in weather that turns rainy. When she lights Walker’s tractor on fire and rolls it toward the house, he takes out a super-powered extinguisher that freezes the tractor — but she manages to sneak into the house and lock him out. She finds his security room while alarms go off, and a mysterious agent demands that Walker turn in Casey. Walker puts the house on lockdown, and we find out that the agents are robots.

Over the next couple of minutes the clip takes us on a tour of Walker’s house, as he uses lasers, magnets, portals, and trap doors to get rid of the robots. When Casey and Walker finally reach the master bathroom, they climb into the tub. Clooney pushes buttons, the tub begins to transform into a ship, and they blast off into the sky, presumably to Tomorrowland. There’s more here than just amber cornfields and magical pins, it would seem.

George Clooney Unveils More Tomorrowland