the art of crying

A Photographic Account of Every Time Hayden Panettiere’s Juliette Has Cried on Nashville

Photo: ABC

Nashville doesn’t always know what it’s good at. It spends a lot of time on crummy stories — who cares about that lady trying to seduce Deacon? — and breezes right by substantive ones — hey, remember that time Rayna’s vocal cords were damaged? The musical numbers remain a highlight, but the true centerpiece of the show is Hayden Panettiere’s crying. The woman can weep! Her Juliette is volatile and vulnerable, which means she cries a lot, and every time she does, it’s the highlight of the episode. Nashville bounces between crazy, out-of-control nonsense and dull, predictable drudgery, but within the dregs remains a shining beacon of perfection. We present to you every time Juliette has cried on Nashville.

Photos: Every Time Juliette Cries on Nashville