Help Jared Logan Get Hillary Clinton to Speak to His D&D Club

Standup Jared Logan just launched a Kickstarter project for a great cause. Logan, who most recently appeared in his own Comedy Central Half Hour special as well as Splitsider’s own A Night at Whiplash, unveiled his crowdfunding project today called “Hillary Clinton: The Ultimate Adventure,” in which he hopes to raise $200,000 to get Hillary Clinton to speak to his Dungeons & Dragons club. Here’s an excerpt from the Kickstarter description:

By achieving this goal, we will prove that a democracy is for the people and by the people. We will show that even the most disenfranchised and oppressed group in this country (tabletop roleplayers) can still access our nation’s leaders and speak to them face to face.This Kickstarter project has been created to fund a special event. Our intention is to hire Hillary Clinton, through her representation, to appear, in person, in Eric’s Dad’s basement in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We would like to engage her to speak for at least one hour in front of a very select audience of gentlemen who belong to our local Dungeons & Dragons club. Some of the project’s incentives have been designed to allow our backers to become part of the event. It is our fervent hope that Mrs. Clinton will agree to roll some dice and play in the game with us, but those details will have to be negotiated.Please help us bring our fantasy world to life. Help us bring Hillary Clinton to our Dungeons & Dragons game.

The Kickstarter includes some great goodies for backers, including a “sincere thank you email” ($5,000 or more), a copy of Logan’s fantasy novel Clintara: Warrior Priestess ($7,000 or more), and an invitation to witness Hillary’s visit to the D&D club live ($10,000 or more). This is truly a worthy cause, so head over to Logan’s Kickstarter page to pledge your part today.

Help Jared Logan Get Hillary Clinton to Speak to His […]